Meet Our Wonderful Kids

Adora (age 12)

Adora has a shy, and pleasant personality. She very artistic and has an eye for creativity. Adora loves pets, completing free hand drawings, and watching scary movies.

Adora’s ideal family would be a single or two parent household. She would do best in a home with a child her age or younger.  Adora would benefit from a caregiver that has experience raising, working with, or educating children.

Adora would bring lots of love, fun, and creativity to any family. 








Jahnai Flyer 2016Jahnai (age 13)

Jahnai is a bright, and determined 13 year old boy.  Jahnai’s interests are mixed martial arts and creating artistic masterpieces.

His favorite subjects are math, science, and gym. Jahnai enjoys Chinese food and Sushi.

Jahnai’s ideal family would be a single or two parent family who shows affection, unconditional love and support. Jahnai would do his best as the only child in the home.







Michael (age 14)

Michael is a thoughtful and quite 14 year old young man. He presents reserved with pleasant interactions. Michael describes himself as a fun, helpful, and nice kid. His favorite activities are playing video games and spending time with his friends. Michael wants a forever family so he can have a support system that will consistently show him love.

The ideal family for Michael would be a traditional family. The ethnicity and race of the family is not a factor.  He would benefit from an active family that would keep him engaged in social and sports activities.






Taishyna Image 2016Taishyna (age 12)

Taishyna is a shy and sweet 12 year old girl. She likes arts and crafts, and making jewelry.

Taishyna enjoys spending time with her friends, cooking and eating delicious foods.

Taishyna’s ideal family would be a single or two parent family who is attentive and loving. The family would need to help Taishyna stay connected with her biological siblings.






jihadJihadd (age 13)

Jihaad is a shy 13 year old adolescent male. He enjoys engaging in activities such basketball, football, playing video games. Jihaad aspires to be a engineer .

Jihaad would do his best with a family that would serve as a forever connection for him.  He requires parents that has experience parenting adolescent males  and who could assist him in learning coping skills necessary to achieve his goals in life.

His ideal family would consist of a single or two parent family house hold  with children his age or older.  Jihaad would benefit from an active and attentive family.







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