Supervised Independent Living (SIL)

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Youth in out-of-home care and foster care face obstacles as they transition to adulthood and prepare to live independently.

Tabor’s SIL program successfully prepares transitioning youth to overcome individual obstacles and achieve self-reliance as they enter independent adulthood.

Supervised Independent Living (SIL)   is designed for dependent and delinquent youth in Philadelphia who may be referred for services at 17.5 through 20 years of age.  The clients reside in the community of their choice and live on their own in an apartment with agency supports while preparing for emancipation from the child welfare system.  This program teaches life skills and prepares the youth to live independent of the adult welfare system.  Through group activities, home visits and twice monthly life skills meetings, the youth address many of the issues they will face post emancipation, such as: basic self-care and housekeeping, health and sexual health, accessing community resources, identifying and nurturing family supports and relationships, landlord negotiations, utility assistance programs, budgeting, career planning, employment, and educational goals.  The duration of the program may vary based on the needs and progress of each client but may last up until the 21st birthday.

SIL MISSION: We are committed to supporting positive youth development by facilitating youth skill enhancement to promote successful independent living.
OUR COMMITMENT is to serve youth who are approaching the age of emancipation from dependent or delinquent placement and need support and services to ensure their success upon discharge. This program will give them an opportunity to develop and apply competency-based skills that will allow a more successful transition out of the dependency or delinquency system.
OUR GOAL is to ensure that adolescents successfully obtain needed skills to reach their highest potential and achieve independence.
In both group and individual settings, Tabor social workers address with youth the continued acquisition of life skills that will lead to financial self-sufficiency and preparation for adulthood.

THE FACTSSIL5What Makes Tabor’s SIL Program So Unique?

  Tabor SIL youth participants Michael, Samirah, Tamara and Kalea talk about their experiences and how Tabor’s SIL program is successfully preparing them to overcome individual obstacles and enter independent adulthood. Watch the SIL video to learn more!



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Completed referral paperwork can be faxed to:
Donnique Bell, Director of Programs

FAX # 215-842-4809


Donnique Bell, Director of Programs                                     

Phone: 215-842-4800 EXT. 334

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