What would having a family and permanent home mean to you?

Listen to what twelve kids have to say.



The adoption program focuses primarily on finding permanent families for children, including special needs children with developmental or physical handicaps, large sibling groups of three or more, older children and minority children of any age. Local adoptive families in need of home studies or post-placement assistance also are welcome to contact the department about these services.

Tabor Children’s Services is the local adoption partner for Wendy’s Wonderful Kids, a signature program of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption that combines the fundraising efforts of Wendy’s and its customers, results-driven grant management by the Foundation, and the talent of seasoned adoption recruiters. The foundation awards grants to public and private adoption organizations across the nation to find permanent, loving adoptive families for thousands of children waiting in foster care.


Meet Our Wonderful Kids

For more information, call Yasmeen Stephens @ 215-842-4800 ext. 368

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