Tabor Community Partners (TCP)

TCPTRANSPTabor Children Services’ affiliate, Tabor Community Partners (TCP), contracts with the Philadelphia Department of Human Services (DHS) to serve as the Community Umbrella Agency (CUA) for the 5th and 14th police districts in the Northwest Section of Philadelphia. As a CUA, TCP manages cases in this region to provide community-based service delivery to children and families.

TCP provides stronger protection for vulnerable populations in efforts to support the Improving Outcomes for Children (IOC) initiative set forth by DHS.

TCP is a community-based service delivery approach which will enable DHS to work more closely with the communities our children come from.  The ultimate goal is to create a service system that is informed by and speaks to the needs of those communities.

The shared vision of Tabor Children’s Services and Tabor Community Partners has resulted in a network that helps the most vulnerable children and families within our community. This network supports the IOC initiative where the community is strengthened through partnerships and communities working together to build upon resources.

Tabor Children’s Services has provided more than one hundred years of service to the children and families of Philadelphia and Bucks Counties.   From its founding in 1907 as a residential home for children in Philadelphia, Tabor has developed a wide range of community-based, child welfare services.  Through the transition from a residentially based to a community based agency, Tabor has developed a comprehensive range of services for children who come from a background of abuse and neglect and youth who are preparing to “age out” of the child welfare system and onto independent adulthood. Services include in-home familial support services, foster care, adoption, adolescent services, life skill training and mentoring.

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