About Tabor Community Partners (TCP)

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Tabor Community Partners (TCP) exists to impact the systemic social problems within communities throughout Philadelphia.

Theory of Change

Utilizing innovative evidence based and trauma informed child welfare and behavioral health services, TCP will improve the functioning of the youth and the family while strengthening the community.

About Us

Tabor Children Services’ affiliate, Tabor Community Partners (TCP), contracts with the Philadelphia Department of Human Services (DHS) to serve as the Community Umbrella Agency (CUA) for the 5th and 14th police districts in the Northwest Section of Philadelphia. As a CUA, TCP manages cases in this region to provide community-based service delivery to children and families.

TCP provides stronger protection for vulnerable populations in efforts to support the Improving Outcomes for Children (IOC) initiative set forth by DHS.

TCP is a community-based service delivery approach which will enable DHS to work more closely with the communities our children come from.  The ultimate goal is to create a service system that is informed by and speaks to the needs of those communities.

The shared vision of Tabor Children’s Services and Tabor Community Partners has resulted in a network that helps the most vulnerable children and families within our community. This network supports the IOC initiative where the community is strengthened through partnerships and communities working together to build upon resources.

On July 1, 2016, Tabor Children’s Services became the sole member of Tabor Community Partners (TCP), formerly known as Tabor Northern Community Partners (TNCP).

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