Parent Cafe


What is a Parent Cafe?   

One of the innovative practices that Tabor Community Partners (TCP) has implemented are the Parent Cafes. Parent Cafes are designed to engage parents in meaningful dialogues about what matters most — their families.

Parent Cafés use peer to peer support to highlight and build Protective Factors in parents and their homes to enhance better parenting skills and an increase in the health and well-being of children, families, and communities.

What happens at a Parent Café?  

At Parent Cafés, parents and caregivers gather and engage in conversations to share ideas and learn about resources in the community. Through these guided conversations, parents develop and strengthen their Protective Factors.

What is provided at a Parent Café?
Parent Cafés are free and open to any and everyone in the community involved in raising children. Parent Cafés provide a meal, childcare, and great conversation. Tokens for transportation are also available.

Where are Parent Cafés?
Parent Cafés are being held regularly throughout Philadelphia. Tabor Community Partners (TCP) is responsible for the coordination, facilitation and training for Parent Cafés in the 5th and 14th police districts in the Northwest Section of Philadelphia.
Parent Cafés are hosted at community centers, schools, churches and any other family friendly environment where parents feel comfortable and safe to share their feelings. The times of the Parent Cafés will vary depending on the needs of the facilities and families.


Community organizations, faith-based organizations, local businesses, parent leaders, or teachers can play in important role in bringing parents together for Parent Cafés. Parent Cafés can he held as an independent event or as a supplement to an already existing group.

TCP is always looking for opportunities to partner with community organizations and local businesses who wish to host a Parent Cafe. Trained and experienced Strengthening Families Coordinators are available to come to your site and host a full series of Parent Cafés.

Please feel free to contact our Strengthening Families Coordinators for more information about hosting a Parent Café at your community organization or business!

Strengthening Families Coordinators

Dan Mills or Efia King

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