Tabor Joins the Heart of Gold Project


We are excited to announce our new partnership with the Heart of Gold Project. They help non-profit organizations across the United States by offering new and innovative forms of fundraising. This is a new alternative way for you to donate items such as old or unused jewelry, coins, silverware, or even dental crowns that may be lying around your house containing precious metals. We will collect these items and The Heart of Gold Project, as the charitable branch of the precious metal recycling company RTC Recycling, will be able to recycle and treat them, then donate back the monetary value of these goods to Tabor.

Your contributions are very important and will allow us to provide quality services that ensure the safety of children, youth, adults and families. In the upcoming weeks we will be sending out an envelope that contains step by step instructions on how to send your donations back to us, free of charge. These donations will help Tabor continue to enhance the development of children and youth; secure the children’s right to permanent families; foster the integrity of the family; and promote the mental health and improved functioning of children and adults seeking stability and independence. We thank you in advance for your contributions and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

If you or anyone you know would like to contribute their precious metals you can tell them to visit Heart of Gold Project’s website at Here they can order their own package to send back their donations in, free of charge.

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