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Tabor’s is committed to making sure every child has a safe, loving, stable home, and the encouragement needed to achieve his or her goals.


Treatment Foster Care offers specialized supports for children experiencing difficulties with the emotional impact of early deprivation, abuse, or separation and loss. The children were found by the courts to be at imminent risk of harm and placed in the child welfare system. Foster parents are certified by Tabor and receive special training in advocacy, behavior modification and care for children with behavioral health diagnoses. Social workers provide intensive support to maintain the stability of the child. Tabor social workers and foster parents are a team that nurture the child in foster care and provide support for the birth family’s efforts to achieve the child’s return home. Social work efforts focus on the concerns that brought the child into placement, and permanency is achieved through family reunification, supported permanent legal custodianship or adoption.

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The adoption program focuses primarily on finding permanent families for children, including special needs children with developmental or physical handicaps, large sibling groups of three or more, older children and minority children of any age. Local adoptive families in need of home studies or post-placement assistance also are welcome to contact the department about these services. Tabor Children’s Services is the local adoption partner for Wendy’s Wonderful Kids, a signature program of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption that combines the fundraising efforts of Wendy’s and its customers, results-driven grant management by the Foundation, and the talent of seasoned adoption recruiters.

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The mentoring program matches youth in the child welfare system with adult mentors who will support the efforts of current services to guide them through life.  The Tabor Mentoring Program provides mentoring services in order to afford youth their best opportunity for a successful transition a healthy lifestyle.

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