Meet Our Team

Tinesha Banks, M.P.H.
President and CEO

Tinesha Banks, M.P.H., became President and Chief Executive Officer of Tabor in February 2017 .Tinesha has spent the last twelve years in nonprofit executive leadership positions, either as a Deputy Executive Director or as Vice President. Her professional accomplishments range from diversifying and growing corporate budgets to developing strong strategic partnerships and infrastructure.When asked about her new role as President and CEO, Tinesha stated, “I have an in-depth personal and professional commitment to the communities and families served by Tabor and I am looking forward to further enhancing the quality of services and contributing to the growth of the organization.” Tinesha is a visionary leader who brings expertise in organizational development and a personal understanding of the importance of strong family units, youth development and the impact a positive and healthy environment can have on the well-being of children and families.

Larry Buchholz
Chief Financial Office

Larry Buchholz became CFO of Tabor in December 2013. Prior to Tabor, Mr. Buchholz was the Executive Director for Baptist Children’s Services for five years. He began his career in child welfare in December 1990 as the Controller for Baptist Children’s Services, and was hired to create a finance department and develop an accounting system that would oversee the merger of three separate nonprofit corporations. Over the years he has also served as, Chief Financial Officer and Associate Executive Director of Operations. Prior to Baptist Children’s Services, Mr. Buchholz worked for several years at the accounting firm of Beucler, Kelly and Company. He worked in different capacities including corporate tax, audit, pension compliance, and was an audit manager for the firm’s larger audit clients when he left the firm in December 1990.

Robert Haussmann, Ph.D.
Chief Performance Officer

Robert Haussmann, Ph.D., Dr. Haussmann began his career in child welfare over 25 years ago as a programmer at Tabor Children’s Services, and over the years has served as network administrator, systems engineer, chief operations officer and chief information officer. He was instrumental in Tabor’s launch of mental health and in-home services. Dr. Haussmann has published over 100 peer reviewed articles in a variety of fields, including child welfare, ADHD, and higher education. He received his Bachelors in Psychology and Computer Science from Drew University in 1991. The recipient of a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship, Dr. Haussmann obtained his graduate degree in Psychology from Yale University in 1995.

Karen Wilkins,
Chief Human Resources Officer

Karen Coleman, CUA Director, Tabor Community Partners

Donnique Bell, Director of Philadelphia Programs

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