Adoption FAQs

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Give a Child a Permanent Home

What is adoption?

  • Legal transfer of all parental rights and obligations from one person or couple to another person or couple.
  • After the adoption is finalized in court, the adoptive family has all the legal rights and responsibilities of a birth parent.

Who are the children in need of adoption?

  • The majority, ages 5 to 11, are children in the foster care system.
  • The parental rights of their birth parents have been permanently terminated in court.
  • Most of the children have special needs.
  • More than half are minorities, and more boys than girls are waiting for homes.
  • Many of the children have physical or emotional problems because of prior neglect or abuse, or multiple foster home placements.

How do I qualify to become a Tabor adoptive parent?

  • You must be 21 or older.
  • Your income must be adequate to care for a child.
  • You and everyone in your family age 18 and older must have a police and a child abuse clearance.
  • You attend 10 weeks of training for 2.5 hours each week.
  • An adoption social worker from Tabor Children’s Services will complete your home study.

What happens in the adoption process?

  • The matching process begins when a child is identified and is placed in your home for a minimum of six months post-placement supervision.
  • The social worker will visit your home and address any problems or questions that arise
  • Your attorney will file an Intent to Adopt Petition with the court 30 days after placement.
  • At the completion of the supervisory period, more legal papers are filed by your attorney, and the court schedules a date for the finalization hearing.

Are subsidies available?

  • Yes, if the child has special needs.
  • Yes, if the child is a member of a minority group, or is age 3 or older.
  • The child will be eligible for a monthly subsidy that may continue until the child reaches age 18.

How do I start the process?

  • Call Tabor Children’s Services, toll-free: 1-800-220-3449, extension 406.
  • Just tell us you are interested in learning more about adoption.
  • Or complete this simple form online.
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