2018 Cheer All Year: Holiday Adopt-A-Child Toy Drive

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Greetings and Happy Holidays,

Tabor Services, Inc. is pleased to offer you a personal invitation of partnership with us during our 2018 Cheer All Year: Holiday Toy Drive. We are striving to ensure that the children and families we service in Philadelphia, Bucks and surrounding counties are provided with a memorable holiday season.

For the last 36 years, Tabor in conjunction with the generous efforts of our community partners, has been able to provide gifts to the 1500 children, youth and families that we service annually. Tabors’ success is largely in part due to the collaborative efforts of the local businesses, community organizations, faith based institutions and individual donors that partner with us each and every year.

Holiday support has been an important adjunct to the interventions that the Tabor staff do day in and day out. Many of the families that we service come from an economic status that may not allow for extras such as holiday gifts while possible battling issues with abuse and neglect. Some of our clients are placed outside of their homes until it is deemed by court ruling that they can be reunited with their birth family, or have to be adopted.

While we encourage our partners to add that personal touch by adopting a child, we realize that might not fit everyone’s abilities at this time. If you would like to partner please see the attached document which outlines all the ways that this can be made possible.

On behalf of the entire Tabor Family, I want to thank you in advance and let you know that we are very grateful for any level of support that you are able to provide.


Warm Regards,

Monique L. Gaillard, MSW

Public Relations and Business Development Manager





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