An Aging Out Independence (AOI) Success Story: Vernisha

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Vernisha R. is an amazing young woman who has demonstrated perseverance and a desire to succeed despite the odds.  Formerly in Foster Care, Vernisha has never been a stranger to challenge and uncertainty. Like most Foster Care and transitioning youth at Tabor Children’s Services (Tabor), she pondered over questions like Who am I? Why am I here? What do I want to do? How do I get there?

Vernisha was accepted into Tabor’s Aging Out Independence Program (AOI) at the age of 21 on December 2, 2015. Through the AOI program, Vernisha has been provided with supportive services to ensure she would be empowered to move on to live an independent adult life.  Under the guidance of Tabor’s AOI program, young transitioning adults engage in organized activities that contribute to their personal growth and development. The goal is to build on the individual’s innate strengths by promoting self-confidence, teaching life skills, helping them to develop new ways of problem solving, encouraging positive relationships with family and peers, and  increase competence as they mature and move into independence.

Vernisha moved from a shaky foundation, through the AOI program and on to firm ground. She continuously fulfilled AOI requirements and demonstrated the desire and ability to go above and beyond. One area that Vernisha continuously excelled in was the ability to demonstrate drive and work ethic. She maintained gainful employment during her journey through the AOI program and graduated from Job Corps on June 27, 2016, as a medical assistant.

We are proud to announce Vernisha’s most recent accomplishment was being hired at Woods Services as a Residential Counselor. Woods Services is a leading advocacy and service organization for people with exceptional challenges, disabilities and complex needs. Vernisha will be a part of and working for an organization that envisions a world where an individual has opportunities and supports that promotes self-determination, the joy of achievement and a fulfilling life.

After the completion of her fist official week on November 25, 2016, Vernisha reported back to Tabor expressing how extremely excited and happy she is to be moving on to this next chapter of her life. She will even receive tuition reimbursement availability as she has a desire to return to school to further her education.  Tabor is extremely proud of Vernisha who continues to prove to be an example that a youth with willingness, drive, and some welcomed help can truly succeed.  Vernisha is a true Tabor AOI success story and we cannot wait for her many future accomplishments!


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