Adoption Success Story: Carson

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Carson entered the child welfare system in 2007 after being removed from the care of his biological mother for child neglect. For six years, Carson transitioned to several foster care and pre-adoptive homes with the hope that one of the resources would commit to being his forever family. Together Tabor Children’s Services and the Philadelphia Department of Human Services (DHS) recognized that Carson required a family that would never give up on him even when he presented with less than ideal behaviors. Also, it was obvious Carson needed a family that understood that not all children know how to receive healthy unconditional love from a stable and committed family.

After countless moves and non-stop recruitment efforts by Tabor’s Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Recruiter and the Philadelphia Department of Human Services, during the summer of 2012, the perfect pre-adoptive resource expressed an interest to meet Carson. Ms. Sheena, a Tabor Resource Parent, only saw a picture of Carson and knew minimal information. She immediately connected with Carson after seeing his photograph. To Ms. Sheena, Carson’s eyes expressed a sadness and loneliness that she and her family could help him to overcome. After learning about his needs, she decided to start the process to be considered a possible pre-adoptive resource for Carson. Ms. Sheena attended approximately 12 weeks of resource parent training so she could meet her future son.

After fulfilling the requirements to become a pre-adoptive resource, Ms. Sheena and her family were introduced to Carson. Immediately, the family welcomed Carson into their home and treated him as if he had always been part of the family. Carson immediately became recognized as Ms. Sheena’s son and she treated him with the respect and love a mother would give to her own child. To the adoption team, it was obvious that Ms. Carson presented as the best pre-adoptive resource. She provided Carson with unconditional love, advocated for educational support, sought family therapy to help Carson integrate into the family, and effectively utilized the services of Tabor’s Permanency Team.

After one year and a half, the adoption team petitioned the courts for the legal adoption of Carson to Ms. Sheena. March 2014, Ms. Sheena officially adopted Carson. For Carson, this was a dream that came true because he was finally adopted by a family that would love him forever.

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