HOLLYWoods Gala


A Red Carpet Gala Event

Ladies and Gentlemen Start Your Engines!  Tabor has joined Woods to participate in one of Philadelphia’s most exciting events!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Location: The Simone Foundation Automotive Museum

Please contact amanda.hoffman@tabor.org or 215-842-4800 ext 404 to sponsor or purchase a ticket through Tabor.

Please visit www.hollywoodsgala.org for more information


A Closer Look At How Tabor Helps Transitioning Youth – Video

What Makes Tabor’s SIL Program So Unique?

Watch the SIL event video to hear SIL Youth Participants (Michael, Samirah, Tamara and Kalea) talk about their experiences and how the program successfully prepares transitioning youth to overcome individual obstacles and enter independent adulthood.


Thank you to all who attended Tabor’s SIL open house event on June 23rd!

If you were not able to attend the open house event and you would like to learn more about Tabor’s SIL program and referrals please contact:

Staci Boyd, Director of Programs
215-842-4800 ext. 321


July 6, 2015

Doylestown, PA – Tabor Children’s House has been awarded $70,000 by the First Nonprofit Foundation to launch a high innovation model that will teach young children hands on learning experiences embedded within design thinking, Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) and emotional skill building.  All child learning will be experiential (versus segmented by subject) and will foster our next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.

Tabor Innovation Academy of Langhorne is being established on a 300 acre campus, owned by Woods Services in Langhorne, PA with significant green space for maker labs which are environments for creation and prototyping of new ideas, along with indoor and outdoor classrooms to facilitate design thinking based learning that allows early learners to participate in all phases of the innovation cycle – that is, in each classroom there will be age-appropriate materials and space to generate ideas, document them, create products and prototypes, a space for feedback and group discussions as well as areas for individual reflection and recovery. Elements of this new model will also be introduced into Tabor Children’s House (based in Doylestown, PA) and in some of Tabor’s child welfare programs in Southeastern PA.

Dr. Linda Toche-Manley, Chief Innovation Officer of Tabor and author of the underlying innovation model, said “this award provides the needed resources to expand our program capacity and to begin to address the unique risks that impact educational success especially in children at risk. Children participating in this new program model will be participating in a new vision of what is possible for children and later for their communities when they are taught “how to think” versus “what to think.” Our hope is that this program will allow children and parents to build a newfound respect for learning and for the world of science, and to develop the emotional as well as cognitive skills to innovate.”

Tabor is looking for donors, investors and other strategic partners. Please contact Dr. Linda Toche-Manley at 215-620-6630 or at linda19030@yahoo.com. Interested parties can find out more also via www.taboreducation.org as well as via Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/linda-toche-manley-ph-d/4/988/9b6.

Tabor Innovation Academy of Langhorne is opening on July 13, 2015  and is accepting enrollments now. Please contact Mary.Carpenter@tabor.org for more information about enrollment.

About Tabor Children’s House/Tabor Innovation Academy:
The organizational mission of Tabor Children’s House (Doylestown, PA) and Tabor Innovation Academy (Langhorne, PA) is to provide excellent early education to children, infant to age 6 as well as effective afterschool and enhancement summer camps for ages 3 to 15. The Tabor Innovation Academy, is designed to provide children with the hands on learning experiences embedded within design thinking, STEAM and emotional skill building based on state of the art behavioral science to foster our next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs. Tabor Children’s House and Tabor Innovation Academy are programs operated under the auspices of Tabor Services, Inc which is a subsidiary of Woods. Visit www.taboreduction.org to learn more.