TCP Fall Event Recaps

Painting with a Purpose: Art Therapy for Children and Families

Fresh Air, Trees, Flowers and Calmness

When you hear these words, you think about nature.  On October 5th Painting with a Purpose was brought to Awbury Arboretum through collaboration between the Strengthening Families Coordinators at Community Umbrella Agency (CUA) 5 Wordsworth and CUA 6 Tabor Community Partners (TCP). This activity created an opportunity for parents and children to bond through the arts. Parents learned techniques they can use with their children who have developmental delays or behavioral concerns.  Studies have proven that art helps reduce stress and relax children who have anxiety, stress, aggression and behavioral issues.


Parent Café: Accessing Community Resources

Libraries are not just a place for reading and building your imagination; but also a place where you can come to get new information and resources. On October 22nd the Coleman Library hosted a Parent Café in partnership with Tabor Community Partners (TCP).  The theme of this café was Are Your Resourceful? The purpose was to ensure TCP families were aware of all the areas in which the library can be a Concrete Support and help them build on their current resource list.

Help is ALL around us, we just have to know where to find it. Start with your local Library and let them guide you in the right direction.


Anti-BOOllying Fest

halloween Tabor Community Partners (TCP) feels that children should be afraid of the Boogie Man, Freddie Kruger and Jason, but they should not be afraid of each other or walking down the streets of their community. The Anti-BOOllying Fest took place on October 28th and was created for the purpose of making our children aware of bullying as well as providing a safe and fun space for children of all ages to come and feel comfortable socializing with other children in and around their neighborhood; especially during Halloween. The children who came to this event made new friends, and learned that it is never good to bully someone or be bullied. Each attendee was able to play games, enjoy themselves in a safe environment and leave with a candy bag full of yummy goodies.


Olympic Games: Building Positive Social Connections


On November 12th Tabor Community Partners (TCP)  hosted the Olympic Games to teach their children the the importance of team building, recreational physical activity and the impact it has on building positive social connections and reducing stress.

The children participated in a variety of group games and sports, learned new skills and worked together to win awards.

An Aging Out Independence (AOI) Success Story: Vernisha

Vernisha R. is an amazing young woman who has demonstrated perseverance and a desire to succeed despite the odds.  Formerly in Foster Care, Vernisha has never been a stranger to challenge and uncertainty. Like most Foster Care and transitioning youth at Tabor Children’s Services (Tabor), she pondered over questions like Who am I? Why am I here? What do I want to do? How do I get there?

Vernisha was accepted into Tabor’s Aging Out Independence Program (AOI) at the age of 21 on December 2, 2015. Through the AOI program, Vernisha has been provided with supportive services to ensure she would be empowered to move on to live an independent adult life.  Under the guidance of Tabor’s AOI program, young transitioning adults engage in organized activities that contribute to their personal growth and development. The goal is to build on the individual’s innate strengths by promoting self-confidence, teaching life skills, helping them to develop new ways of problem solving, encouraging positive relationships with family and peers, and  increase competence as they mature and move into independence.

Vernisha moved from a shaky foundation, through the AOI program and on to firm ground. She continuously fulfilled AOI requirements and demonstrated the desire and ability to go above and beyond. One area that Vernisha continuously excelled in was the ability to demonstrate drive and work ethic. She maintained gainful employment during her journey through the AOI program and graduated from Job Corps on June 27, 2016, as a medical assistant.

We are proud to announce Vernisha’s most recent accomplishment was being hired at Woods Services as a Residential Counselor. Woods Services is a leading advocacy and service organization for people with exceptional challenges, disabilities and complex needs. Vernisha will be a part of and working for an organization that envisions a world where an individual has opportunities and supports that promotes self-determination, the joy of achievement and a fulfilling life.

After the completion of her fist official week on November 25, 2016, Vernisha reported back to Tabor expressing how extremely excited and happy she is to be moving on to this next chapter of her life. She will even receive tuition reimbursement availability as she has a desire to return to school to further her education.  Tabor is extremely proud of Vernisha who continues to prove to be an example that a youth with willingness, drive, and some welcomed help can truly succeed.  Vernisha is a true Tabor AOI success story and we cannot wait for her many future accomplishments!


Empowering Foster Care Youth: A Trip to Harrisburg

The Bucks County Youth Advisory Board (YAB) is comprised of current and former substitute care youth ages 16-21. Youth leaders on the YAB educate, advocate, and form partnerships to create positive change in the substitute care system. Caitlin, Buddy and Ben are three remarkable youth at Tabor Children’s Services (Tabor) who also serve as members of the Bucks County Youth Advisory Board.


On October 25, 2016, after receiving personal invitations to visit the Pennsylvania State Capital, Caitlin, Buddy and Ben traveled to Harrisburg, PA to meet and greet with Bucks County legislators. Senator Charles T. McIlhinney was the first host of the day and the YAB members were invited to the Senate floor where they then met with Senator Robert Mensch. Additionally, they had the chance to meet and greet with Representative Kathy Watson, Representative Marguerite Quinn and Representative Tina Davis.

This visit provided Tabor youth with a positive and empowering opportunity.

We Thank Senator Charles T. McIlhinney and his office for the invitation and for the positive experience the youth had.

TCP Parent Advocate Honored at the 42nd Annual Family Involvement Conference

Anna Figueroa, our Parent Advocate for Tabor Community Partners was honored at the 42nd Annual Family Involvement Conference in Harrisburg PA on October 16, 2016.

Anna is constantly coming up with new and innovative ways to get our parents involved, keep them engaged and ensure that they are knowledgeable of the resources that are available to them.

Congratulations Anna!



Help Tabor spread CHEER ALL YEAR! Join us as we make the holiday season and upcoming year a memorable one for the children and youth that we serve throughout Philadelphia, Lehigh Valley and Bucks County.

Participation in this program ensures that we are spreading CHEER ALL YEAR by giving us the funds and resources needed to provide 700 children and youth with a memorable holiday and access to the things they need and deserve throughout the year such as birthday gifts, educational supplies, basic self-care items and resources that contribute to their well-being, sense of self-worth and overall success.

Make a charitable contribution in support our CHEER ALL YEAR program: DONATE TO SPREAD CHEER ALL YEAR


Learn more about collecting and delivering (between 12/5-12/15) items containing precious metal.


“Adopt” a child by providing him/her with a gift.

cheer-all-year-badgecay1cay4Download & Share Our CHEER LL YEAR Flyer!

Tabor Partners with Nature Rx


A Nature Rx Discussion Event with Tabor – Reconnecting with Nature to Improve Your Children’s Health.

Let’s Talk About Our Parks and Green Spaces!

Tabor has partnered with Nature Rx to look at how you can improve your family’s health with nature.  Nature Rx, in partnership with The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, The Schuylkill Center and the City of Philadelphia created a campaign that seeks to increase public awareness about the health benefits of nature and outdoor play. The goal is to help our families find meaningful opportunities for outdoor play, increase public awareness about the health benefits of nature and outdoor play and deepen understating about how this type of play impacts short-term behavior and health. Join Tabor and the Nature Rx team in a discussion event on August 8, 2016 from 5 PM – 7 PM at 57 E. Armat Street,  Philadelphia, PA 19144. This event is available to Tabor clients / families and the general community.  NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED.