Adult-youth relationships: The critical ingredient across interventions

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Going along with our conversation about friendship maintenance (see previous post on 3/19), here is a helpful article that explains the dynamics of a developmental relationship between adult-youth in a few different contexts. According to the article there are a few different criteria that constitute a developmental relationship between an adult and a youth (below is an excerpt of the article found here):

  • Attachment – any emotional connection that is natural, positive, and appropriate (i.e.) teacher and student, coach and player
  • Reciprocity – with sustained and frequent joint activities, the level and type of scaffolding/support from the adult is dynamic and adjusts with the youth’s development
  • Progressive Complexity – as an adult’s support fades or the activity advances, a child is engaged in progressively more complex patterns of behavior
  • Balance of Power– with increasing complexity and the decrease of adult scaffolding the child becomes more independent (power shifts from adult-driven to a balance with youth-driven)

These criteria definitely describe some of the dynamics of a mentoring relationship. The article goes on to describe the important factors that help a mentoring relationship by meeting a mentee where they are and slowly shifting the balance of power with scaffolding. Read the above link to the study/publication, “Developing relationships as the active ingredient: A unifying working hypothesis of “what works” across intervention settings,” to get the full scope of “ingredients” and insight into a developmental mentoring relationship.

Tabor Joins the Heart of Gold Project


We are excited to announce our new partnership with the Heart of Gold Project. They help non-profit organizations across the United States by offering new and innovative forms of fundraising. This is a new alternative way for you to donate items such as old or unused jewelry, coins, silverware, or even dental crowns that may be lying around your house containing precious metals. We will collect these items and The Heart of Gold Project, as the charitable branch of the precious metal recycling company RTC Recycling, will be able to recycle and treat them, then donate back the monetary value of these goods to Tabor.

Your contributions are very important and will allow us to provide quality services that ensure the safety of children, youth, adults and families. In the upcoming weeks we will be sending out an envelope that contains step by step instructions on how to send your donations back to us, free of charge. These donations will help Tabor continue to enhance the development of children and youth; secure the children’s right to permanent families; foster the integrity of the family; and promote the mental health and improved functioning of children and adults seeking stability and independence. We thank you in advance for your contributions and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

If you or anyone you know would like to contribute their precious metals you can tell them to visit Heart of Gold Project’s website at Here they can order their own package to send back their donations in, free of charge.

TeamTabor – TheHomeRun


Our team has joined forces with Woods to run in a 5k fun run. TeamTabor is running in support of National Foster Care Awareness Month on Saturday, May 2, 2015! The event will take place at Woods — during Run for Woods.

Here’s how it works:

Each runner pays a $35 sign up fee. That covers breakfast, lunch, a runner’s bib (number), a TeamTabor t-shirt, and entrance to the fitness fair.  Each runner has a goal of raising $150 and can share their personalized runner’s link with friends and family for donating.

You can sign up as a runner buy clicking “Join This Team” here:

The same link can be used for more information and to make a donation for the whole team as well.



Job Opening: Intervention Supervisor




            Position:                    Intervention Supervisor

            Job Location:            Philadelphia

            Hours:                        Full-Time, Exempt

            Supervisor:                CUA Intervention Director  



  • MSW or related field including sociology, psychology, counseling, criminal justice, or education.
  • Two (2) minimum of supervisory experience
  • One (1) year experience in Child Welfare or a related field
  • Flexible work schedule based on the families needs and emergencies.
  • Provide a valid PA child abuse clearance, FBI check and Criminal Background Check.
  • Regular travel required.


Summary Statement

The Intervention Supervisor is directly responsible for supervising case management support staff. The Intervention Supervisor will work closely with the Director of Intervention to establish program initiatives and work closely with case management and community engagement. Must be able to plan, develop, and coordinate all operational processes for support staff and maintain compliance within the DHS CUA Practice Guidelines. Travel required as needed.

Interested candidates should send a resume and letter of interest to:

La’Tece Blackwell, Human Resource Specialist



Full time positions offer competitive benefits package including medical, dental, STD/LTD, PTO, and 401K.